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High definition isn’t just for TV any more.
HD Media Ventures is taking the meaning of high def to a whole new level — building a portfolio of quality, finely-targeted properties that serve unique niche markets.
The leading resource for TV news creative services professionals, including resources and samples of sets, graphics and websites

Smudged Newsprint
Insider and industry news for people who work in newspaper publishing, bringing together top sources on one concise page

Affordable chroma key backgrounds, news backgrounds, virtual sets and talking head backgrounds

Vanity URL Shorteners
A list of vanity and custom URL shorteners commonly used by brands on social media sites to share content

TV News Insider
Headlines from around the U.S. television news industry from a variety of sources, all compiled on one site and updated throughout the day

Worship Background Vault
An affordable collection of religious-themed backgrounds for church and worship screens and video productions

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